ITC Consulting is preparing and conducting a Peer-to-Peer event for Investment Promotion Agencies on their role in Public-Private Dialogue

Pour soutenir l'investissement essentiel à la croissance et au développement durable, la plupart des pays ont mis en place des Agences de Promotion des Investissements (API) afin de faire connaître les opportunités d'investissement existantes dans leur pays. Et ce pour attirer les investisseurs nationaux et étrangers et faciliter leur établissement et développement. Dans cette dynamique, [...]

ITC Consulting met en oeuvre pour la Banque Mondiale une Revue Organisationnelle de Postes Frontières (Burundi-RDC)

Sous financement de la Banque Mondiale et depuis décembre 2021, le Projet de Facilitation du Commerce et d’Intégration dans la région des Grands Lacs (PFCIGL) a missionné ITC Consulting pour effectuer la Revue Organisationnelle des Services de gestion des Postes Frontières. Il s’agit spécifiquement de procéder au diagnostic organisationnel de la situation actuelle sur cinq [...]

A Strategic Plan for CFCIB

As part of the project to set up the network of business spaces in Burundi (2EB) within the Federal Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Burundi (CFCIB), ITC Consulting has developed the Strategic Plan of the 2EB Network 2021-2026. The Strategic Plan was validated by the CFCIB at a workshop held in Bujumbura on 2 [...]

Special COVID 19

The current health crisis is disrupting our daily lives, both in our personal and professional lives. At this special time, ITC Consulting remains committed to ensuring its missions under the best possible conditions. In order not to saturate internet network, we decided to limit the information transmitted on social media to the bare minimum. We [...]

Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year! May you have amazing personal and business opportunities, achievements and growth in 2020!

Happy New Year 2019

ITC Consulting has the pleasure to wish you a Happy New Year! May you have amazing personal and business opportunities, achievements and growth in 2019!

Scoping Activities for GET.invest in the Caribbean

Clean Energy is an important opportunity for the Caribbean region. If offers sustainable and affordable energy, it addresses climate change problems and last but not least, it is a business opportunity for the private sector. Access to financing for clean energy projects and companies is a widely known constraint for the realization of many initiatives.

Happy Birthday to ITC Consulting!

On September 14th, ITC Consulting celebrated its thirteen years of existence.

ITC Consulting has successfully implemented a World Bank project in Burundi

ITC Consulting has successfully implemented a project financed by the World Bank within the framework of the PACSC (Burundi Coffee Sector Competitiveness Project) in Burundi.

ITC Consulting has been awarded a European Commission Framework Contract

We are pleased to inform you that ITC Consulting is part of a consortium that has been awarded with the following EC funded Framework Contract for the Implementation of External Aid 2018 (FWC SIEA 2018)
Lot 6 – Innovative financing for development (Indicative budget: 80 MEUR )

Audit and Strategic Plan of the InterCafe Burundi

Since January, ITC Consulting implements a project financed by the World Bank within the framework of the PACSC (Burundi Coffee Sector Competitiveness Project). The project objective is the improvement of the governance of InterCafe-Burundi, the coffee Inter-branch association of Burundi.

ITC Consulting wins a Business Case project

ITC Consulting has won a new HIVOS/ENERGIA funded contract

The Biogas Access Fund interim phase project successfully implemented

The Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP) implements household biodigester market development programmes in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In Kenya, household biodigester supply is provided by biodigester construction enterprises.

We wish you a New Year of Peace, Good Health & Success!

The ITC Consulting team wishes you a prosperous year 2018 full of rich experiences and happy moments!

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