ITC Consulting creates and develops tailored interactive training workshops on any subject in the area of Good Communication, Human Resources and Personal Development, based on your needs.

We specialize in a variety of workshops and presentations that increase the client’s self-confidence, including activities that help identify areas of compatibility with peers, colleagues and clients, as well as overcoming issues relating to dysfunctional relations in the workplace and elsewhere.

We have developed a methodology that combines Group Communication and Personal Development Techniques through the use of Forum Theatre. This interactive theatrical training will help you participate in your own training. Activities such as the staging of various professional situations will help you understand and memorize intellectually and emotionally the behaviour that is required for efficient performance.

Our workshops allow participants to identify individual strengths and weaknesses in order to reach a position of confidence both personally and professionally

Communication Services

ITC Consulting offers management consulting and capacity building services to client organisations. Committed to excellence, totally independent and focused on client values, ITC Consulting designs and delivers innovative solutions to its clients’ communication and human resources needs.

  • Communication Skills workshops
  • Dialogue and mediation activities
  • Forum Theatre
  • Skills Training
  • Team Building

Focus on Forum Theatre

  • Flexible, tailored group learning that is interactive, stimulating and fun.
  • An interactive session, allowing participants to observe events and influence their outcome.
  • Working with larger groups in plenary sessions.
  • Looking at contentious or difficult situations in a non-threatening way.
  • Exploring complex scenarios involving more than two people.
  • Demonstrating effective or non-effective business communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Drawing parallels with your own organisations’ issues through analogy.
    Generating debate amongst delegates about the issues raised.
Forum Theatre
ITC Consulting is looking to build partnerships with other development firms and organisations so that we can deliver the highest quality solutions to our clients and beneficiaries.
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