Organisation of conferences

Conference organisation plays a strategic role in an institution’s communication policy.

Our mission is to allow you to get your ideas across and to further technical thinking. With our planning & conference production know-how. We work behind the scenes to take care of the practical details, leaving you to focus on the objective for the success of your meeting.

We consistently deliver a high level of service, are always well prepared and understand the importance of smooth logistics.

Before the meeting, we will take an active part in the development of your event by increasing its visibility toward its targets and by implementing a long-term relationship with your partners. The team will also assist you with the programme of your event when needed.

During the event, the team will coordinate and manage all the logistic aspects from registration to catering & others technical solutions.

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ITC Consulting organises your event. We will suggest the best & most complete solution according to your needs and budget. We know how to show flexibility during the preparation of the event to solve all problems.

Our experience is based on over 50 events, in the UK and across the world, working with a variety of institutional and corporate clients in more than 20 countries.


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ITC Consulting is looking to build partnerships with other development firms and organisations so that we can deliver the highest quality solutions to our clients and beneficiaries.
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