Economic & Legal Advice on Trade

The expansion of production capabilities in emerging countries and a greater facility for doing worldwide business have generated additional options for international trade and new players have come on to the field. Services have become a critical part of the structure of world exports as the largest contributor to the value of global trade.

For more than 10 years, at ITC Consulting we have been providing economic and legal advisory services to improve countries’ international competitiveness and the contribution of trade to development.

Our services do not only benefit participants and potential players in international value chains, but also policymakers seeking to secure sustainable global governance.

Range of Services

  • Legal advice on foreign trade policy

  • Support to trade negotiations

  • Strengthening of the institutional capacity to implement trade policies & multilateral trade agreements

  • Trade-related needs assessments

  • Regional economic integration

  • Institutional and negotiation capacity building & networking

  • Programme formulation & elaboration of sector development strategy

  • Trade in services

Foreign direct investment: Inward flows, annual, 1990-2015

Despite the significant increase, the growth path of FDI flows has not always been steady. FDI is a long-term investment into a host country, and hence, it involves a commitment to sustain overseas affiliates even during financial crises. ITC Consulting advises regional bodies, countries and private clients through its international network of skilled experts.

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