Private Sector Development

At ITC Consulting we know that the private sector is the key for promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in developing countries.

Based on that knowledge ITC Consulting has refined its expertise in designing and implementing projects and strategies with firms directly, membership organisations and with the public sector.

We provide governments, public & private institutions and private enterprises with short, medium and long-term assistance in delivering a wide range of services.

Range of services

  • Enabling business environment

  • Investment promotion (domestic & foreign)

  • Regulatory reform for improving the business environment

  • Market analysis & strategy development

  • Business partnerships and investment facilitation

  • Public-private dialogue in trade-related issues

  • Assistance to intermediary organisations

  • Sector policies (agriculture, tourism, etc.)

  • SMEs support

Let’s run your project for you

You have a project – we can help you structure it.

  • Identification and preparation of your project.
  • Identification of the most relevant sources of funds.
  • Elaboration of your project proposal (technical & financial) or Terms of Reference.
  • Implementation & management of your project.
  • Evaluations (ex-ante, interim, ex-post etc.) and monitoring.

You can rely on our independent expertise on each phase of your project.

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360º Expertise for your project

Project Example: Elaboration of the Strategic Plan for the Burundi Investment Promotion Authority 2017-2022 (World Bank project)

The global objective of the mission is to develop for the Burundi Investment Promotion Authority a five-year Strategic Plan as well as an Action Plan 2017-2022 and its related budget.

A strategic Plan has to be developed to improve the services and performances of the Agency regarding its major challenges. The strategic plan will allow in 2022, the Agency to be a skilled institution to enable the business climate development, to promote investments, exportations and regional exchanges.

ITC Consulting has provided a technical assistance for the organisational audit of the Agency with the development of an Action Plan (2017-2022), an assessment of the training needs and the drafting a three-year recruitment Plan.

ITC Consulting has delivered a Strategic Plan (2017-2022) for the Burundi Investment Promotion Authority including:

A Strategy of proprietary interventions
A five-year Action plan
A five-year budget
A three-year Recruitment plan and Training plan
A Strategy of partnerships and resources mobilisation

Example of achievement

ITC Consulting is looking to build partnerships with other development firms and organisations so that we can deliver the highest quality solutions to our clients and beneficiaries.
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