Raising awareness among VINCI Facilities employees on the ‘Near Miss Incident’ concept

VINCI Facilities: workplace accidents are avoidable

VINCI Facilities proposes facility management solutions by protecting buildings and occupants and mitigating environmental impacts through a wide range of services, technical expertise and a service-oriented approach. VINCI Facilities places a high value on the safety of its collaborators and believes that accidents do not have to happen; they can be avoided through prevention, regular awareness raising of teams and the commitment of each stakeholder.

Expertise in systemic communication

In 2015, VINCI Facilities requested ITC Consulting to implement a broad sensitization programme for the 1,600 employees of the VINCI Facilities group in the wider Paris region of Ile de France on the topic of ‘near miss incidents’ and more generally on safety at work.

Interactive and personalised awareness raising

The awareness-raising programme involved training around 12 volunteer employees on the practice of a Forum Theatre and the creation of four sketches depicting ‘Near Miss Incidents’.

In March 2016, these sketches were presented during eight Forum Theatre sessions with 200 employees in attendance. The sketches served as support for the interactive and fun-filled discussion conducted by the head of ITC Consulting’s Communication Division.

A company film was also made which was used in the awareness raising on safety for new employees.

Collective implementation

Employees gained essential knowledge on accident prevention through active participation in the eight discussions on safety at work. They could discuss, see and experience actions that could be implemented to improve the safety of everyone at the workplace daily. The collective identity of VINCI Facilities was strengthened by viewing security risks through a shared prism.

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