Focusing on international trade, private sector and communication our full-service training solutions are designed to fit your needs.

No matter what level you are at, our courses will give you the skills and expertise needed to gain a competitive advantage in the challenging and complex world of international trade and communication. Choosing the right training course is principal in helping your employees and organisation achieve their goals and receive a strong return on investment.

Our development assistance knowledge and content expertise, combined with our technical skills, enable us to create interactive, engaging and comprehensive training solutions for government representatives, public or private sector managers and other audiences.

Range of services

  • International trade topics

  • Institutional strengthening for the private sector

  • Commercial diplomacy

  • Public-Private sectors dialogue

  • Communication skills workshops

  • Dialogue and mediation activities

  • Skills training

  • Team building

Regarding your needs, we use and/or mix different type of training methods:

  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Films, videos, internet
  • Lectures
  • Management games
  • Planned reading
  • Role playing
  • Tutorials and group discussions

The key is to match the training method to your situation.

Our experts have a wealth of experience and have implemented a complete programme of international trade & communication seminars and trade missions.

Whether you are already involved in international trade or you are planning to do so in the future, our programme is designed to help you to open up new worldwide perspectives.

Looking for a Company to Implement your Training?
Looking for a company to implement your training?
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