conference organisation

Organisation of events in the Caribbean area.

Kindly note this announcement is a general call and is not a request for a specific mission / assignment.


Organisation of Conferences

Project Location

Caribbean countries


Only short-term missions

Start Date




Education Level

Education at least Masters Degree or, in its absence, equivalent professional experience


Fluency and good knowledge of English and/or French is required

Required Qualifications

Preferably, a degree in business, economics, law or social science or any other relevant background replacing formal education combined with relevant professional experience. The Event Coordinator must have good skills as group leader and communication.

Required Experience


Highly developed interpersonal skills to constructively interact with stakeholders at all levels.

Preferably 5 years of cumulative experience in project management and co-ordination and five (5) years experience in the organisation of international events and B2B meetings.


The event coordinator will have managed similar assignments in Europe or in the Caribbean area.

He/she will have a previous experience in B2B meetings and match-making

Experience in donors-government coordination and strategic understanding to ensure overall coordination of an event is an asset.

He/she has undertaken a mission funded by EDF funding is a must.

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