Category II expert

The overall objective of this assignment is to support the Government of South Africa and the EU in the formulation of an EU (or joint-donor) programme to promote inclusive and sustainable development, contributing to economic growth, job creation and achieving the SDGs, by unblocking bottlenecks to infrastructure investment in South Africa.

The purpose of this assignment is to design a technical assistance facility that, based on the options identified during the assignment, could be combined or not in a single platform with the IIPSA grant fund, to support sustainable infrastructure development in South Africa taking into account the preliminary work done by the EU Delegation and NT:IDC. It is expected that, on the basis of a scoping study, the team will provide the EU Delegation with a complete Action Document (AD) with related annexes; draft terms of reference for the procurement of the TA facility; and, in the case the TA facility is separate from the IIPSA fund, revised existing IIPSA AD with relevant annexes.

The tangible deliverables of the Consultant will include: a scoping study and a presentation (ppt); a complete action document and related annexes for the TA Facility; a revised AD for the IIPSA Fund if applicable.


Public Sector

Project Location

South Africa


22 days

Start Date




Education Level

A Master's Degree academic level



Required Qualifications

The Expert should have skills in the Lot 6 – Innovative financing for Development

Required Experience


The Category II Expert should have at least 6 years of experience in the sector related to the lot.


• Experience in infrastructure policy development and reform;
• Experience in infrastructure investment and blending instruments;
• Experience of donor funded programme implementation in ODA, specifically Budget Support or
EU blending instrument, will be an advantage;
• Experience in formulation of donor-funded programmes will be an advantage;
• Experience in drafting Terms of reference will be an advantage;
• Experience in performance monitoring and evaluation systems will be an advantage;
• Experience in working in South Africa on investment development programmes will be an

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