CAT 1. Expert

Short-Term Consultancy for Market Demand Testing on Products and Services of The Export-Import Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Limited

The overall objective of this proposed study would be to provide a wide range of attractive and effective trade finance products to the export sector that will satisfy market needs, and to promote international trade, while facilitating regional penetration and expansion at the same time positioning our clients to take advantage of global opportunities.

The main objectives of the assignment are to:

  • Enhance the overall business and investment climate in the country
  • Expand and enhance Eximbank’s portfolio in order to assist SMEs to facilitate their export
  • To examine Trade Finance Product solutions of other Eximbanks (Trade Finance Companies) around the world and determine their suitability in the Trinidad and Tobago market
  • Develop the framework for an Export Guarantee Program and test market demand and potential acceptance
  • To strengthen the Eximbank’s capacity to develop and implement trade and support investment promotion


Private Sector

Project Location

Trinidad & Tobago


4 months

Start Date




Education Level

Master’s Degree or higher in Finance, Economics or Banking or equivalent Professional qualifications


Proven excellent report writing and communication skills (oral and written)

Fluent in spoken and written English

Required Qualifications

MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint proficient

Work experience in the Caribbean Region will be considered an advantage

Required Experience


Experience working with Trade Finance Companies


  • At least 12 years prior experience in the delivering of Financial Services, Products and Trade Finance
  • Experience in financial evaluation
  • Knowledgeable in Debt and Equity Transactions, Project Financing and Credit Arrangements, Investment Appraisal and Economic Evaluation
  • Experience with developing new banking products
  • Experience in providing financial assistance
  • Strong Experience with International Financial Institutions (IFI)
  • Knowledge on the rules and processes that govern International Trade
  • Ability to conduct Complex Financial Modelling and Analysis


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